ICVM 2023 in Cairns, Australia

The International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology ICVM took place in Cairns, Australien. It is one of the most important scientific events for vertebrate zoologists and functional morphologists.It offers an excellent platform to present and discuss newest research results. Additionally, it is a fruitful opportunity for future research collaborations and to connect and interact with international colleagues.

The Böhmer group (Kiel University) was represented with no less than 2 symposia, 2 oral presentations and 1 poster as well as several contributions as co-authors:

  • Symposium on the feeding biomechanics „More than sucking, chewing, and swallowing: Feeding biomechanics in vertebrates and beyond„, co-organised by Dr. Daniela E. Winkler (CAU Kiel), Dr. Mugino Kubo (The University of Tokyo), Dr. Shinji Nagata (The University of Tokyo) and Prof. Dr. Christine Böhmer (CAU Kiel). Sponsored by The Company of Biologists and The Anatomical Record.
  • Symposium über the vertebral column „Development, genetics, biomechanics, and evolution of the spine in vertebrates„, co-organised by Dr. Maxime Taverne (Hôpital Necker, Paris), Dr. Roman Hossein Khonsair (Hôpital Necker, Paris) and Prof. Dr. Christine Böhmer (CAU Kiel).

A big thank you to all colleagues and their fantastic contributions that made both symposia so interesting and inspiring!

The journal „The Anatomical Record“ published all abstracts in a special issue: [PDF].

In 2025, ICVM wil be held as digital conference for the first time. The next in-person ICVM is planned for 2027 in Halifax (Nova Scotia) in Canada. Christine is involved in the planning of the future events. She was elected to the Executive Commitee at the Society’s general assembly.


Böhmer C, Erichsen AC, Krapoth MP and Thøstesen CB (2023) Aquatic feeding in pinnipeds: Does the masticatory musculature reflect dietary specializations in grey seals and harbor seals?

Golombiewski L, Ocak D, Müller MA, Merten LJ, Nyakatura J and Böhmer C (2023) Investigating the relationship between neck length and vertebral morphology at the cervicothoracic transition in ungulates.

Kubo MO and Winkler DE (2023) Unique agenesis of third molars in a wild sika deer population impacts longevity.

Kubo T, Kubo MO, Sakamoto M, Winkler DE, Shibata M, Zheng W, Jin X and You H-L (2023) Temporal dietary shift toward more abrasive food among Cretaceous ornithopod dinosaurs.

Nyakatura J, Müller MA, Merten LJ, Schüler S, Böhmer C, Sharp A and Wölfer J (2023) Evolutionary morphology of the neck-to-trunk boundary in artiodactyls and the iconic case of the looong neck of giraffes.

Sherratt E, Kraatz B, Schaar J, Böhmer C, Ruf I, Sanger T and Geiger M (2023) Morphological consequences of domestication and feralization in rabbits.

Usami K, Winkler DE, Kubo T and Kubo MO (2023) In-vitro experiment using alligator teeth to test the relationship between diets, frequency of food contact, and dental microwear texture.

Winkler DE, Seike H, Nagata S and Kubo MO (2023) The universal wear process: mandible microwear texture analysis of crickets raised on different diets.

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