Mini-Series in Journal of Zoology

As a result of our ICVM symposium on the axial skeleton, we organized a mini-series of articles in the Journal of Zoology (Böhmer & Buchholtz 2021). Mehta et al. (2020) analyzed fish during locomotion in water and on terrestrial substrates to find out whether axial morphology or substrate plays a more critical role in locomotion in elongate fishes. Buchholtz et al. (2021) illuminated the evolution of the sternum in mammals. And Maxwell et al. (2021) investigated the axial regionalization in saurichthyid fishes. We believe that this mini-series will provide a valuable source of information for vertebrate morphologists.

We give special thanks to the Editorial Office of the Journal of Zoology for
giving us the opportunity to act as guest editors and for handling the papers.


Böhmer C and Buchholtz E (2019) The axial skeleton: diversity, patterning and function. Journal of Morphology 280 S46-S50 DOI: 10.1002/jmor.21003. Supplement: International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology (ICVM), Prague (Organized symposium).

Böhmer C and Buchholtz E (2021) Mini-Series: The axial skeleton – diversity, patterning and function. Journal of Zoology DOI: 10.1111/jzo.12927.

Buchholtz EA, Yozgyur ZM, Feldman A, Weaver AA & Gaudin TJ. (2021) The therian sternum at the lateral somitic frontier: evolution of a composite structure. Journal of Zoology 315, 19-28.

Maxwell EE, Romano C & Wu F-X. (2021) Regional disparity in the axial skeleton of Saurichthyidae and
implications for axial regionalization in non-teleostean actinopterygians. Journal of Zoology 315, 29-41.

Mehta RS, Akesson K, Redmann E, McCarty-Glenn M, Ortega R, Syed S, Yap-Chiongco M, Jacquemetton C & Ward AB (2020). Terrestrial locomotion in elongate fishes: exploring the roles of morphology and substrate in facilitating locomotion. Journal of Zoology 315, 2–18.

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