Atlas of Terrestrial Mammal Limbs

Böhmer et al. (2020) Atlas of terrestrial mammal limbs. CRC Press. 384 pages. ISBN 9781138705906.

The aim of this atlas is to illustrate the diversity in muscle anatomy across terrestrial mammals encompassing both ecological and phylogenetic diversity. The comprehensive and detailed anatomy book features more than 400 photographs and illustrations. The visualize the fore- and hind limb muscle anatomy for 28 species of terrestrial mammals belonging to eight of the major clades of mammals and ranging from burrowers (e.g. the badger) over cursorial species (e.g., the cheetah) to arboreal taxa. For example, we included arboreal taxa from six major groups including the gray four-eyed opossum, the three-toed sloth, the tree pangolin, the fossa, the kinkajou, the black-bearded saki, and the red squirrel.

A printed version of the book is available, but you can also check out the ebook version of our atlas.

Curious? Have a look here! You can access the extract form the book.

  • Martes foina (European stone marten)
  • Oryctolagus cuniculus (European rabbit)
  • […]

Comparative musle maps.

Detailed anatomy.


Böhmer C, Theil JC, Fabre AC, Herrel A (2020) Atlas of terrestrial mammal limbs. CRC Press: Boca Raton. 403 pp. ISBN 9781138705906. DOI: