Atlas of Terrestrial Mammal Limbs

Diversity of dissected animals.

I couldn’t be more excited! Our anatomy atlas is published!

More than 400 photographs and illustrations that visualize the diversity in forelimb and hind limb muscle anatomy of 30 mammalian species. We carefully dissected very small taxa such as the hamster, extremely rare taxa such as the fossa, and also very large taxa such as the lion. Overall, all major clades of mammals ranging from burrowers over cursorial species to arboreal ones are displayed in this work.

It’s the result of a side project that I started in 2016 during my postdoc in Paris after Anthony Herrel suggested the idea to me. It took us about 3 years to accomplish it. I would like to thank my co-authors for this pleasant collaboration, especially, for their remarkable patience when I was trying to take the perfect picture. It paid off! In particular, I owe a great debt of thanks to Anthony for
the opportunity to publish this atlas. I deeply acknowledge his trust in me to handle such a huge project!

Dissecting a lion.

Preparing this book has been an extraordinary joy because it has allowed me to start a journey of learning and progression. I remember well a photograph of my younger sister and me dissecting our first animals (a rabbit and some pig eyes) in our family’s kitchen at the age of 5 (under the careful supervision of our mother – a veterinarian). Several years later, it has been a special fortune for me to discover the anatomy of a diversity of mammals as a professional researcher and to even publish an anatomy atlas.
Composing a book is also hard work, and doubts may arise about the success. I wish to thank everyhone who patiently supported me in many ways during the project, including theoretical and practical help!!

We acknowledge our dear colleague Stéphane Peigné for his unbridled enthusiasm. He sadly passed away at the beginning of this project. We thank Aurélien Lowie, Fanny Pagès, Maxime Taverne, Camille Lacroux and Kévin Le Verger for their precious assistance and inestimable help in preparing the largest specimens for dissection. All animals used for this work were generous donations from professional institutions or were available through the fluid collections of the Natural History Museum (MNHN) in Paris (France). We thank: Marc Herbin, Vilaine Nicolas, Grégory Breton, Jérôme Catinaud, Eric Pellé, Zoé Thalaud, Christophe Voisin, Thomas Bauer, Sven Reese, Estella Böhmer, Opale Robin, Benoît Clavel, Christophe Gottine, Géraldine Veron, Jérôme Fuchs, Natalie Dogna, Benoit de Thoisy.

The anticipated publication date of the printed version of the book is April 21, 2020. You can also check out the ebook version of our atlas.

Curious? Have a look here! You can also access the extract form the book.


Böhmer C, Theil JC, Fabre AC, Herrel A (2020) Atlas of terrestrial mammal limbs. CRC Press: Boca Raton. 403 pp. ISBN 9781138705906. DOI:


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