See you at ICVM 2019 in Prague!

The upcoming congress of the International Society of Vertebrate Morphology, to be held in Prague (Czech Republic) from 21-25 July 2019, will host the symposium „The axial skeleton: diversity, patterning and function“ organized by myself and my colleague Emily Buchholtz. The symposium is kindly supported by the Company of Biologists!

We cordially invite all who are fascinated by the vertebral column to attend our symposium! We were fortunate to compile an amazing list of exceptional researchers who address various questions about the evolution of the vertebral column including morphology, biomechanics and development. We look forward to an amazing conference!

Have a look at the list of ICVM symposia which comprises 20 highly interesting topics in zoological research:

  • Variation under domestication : an organismal and morphological perspective – Marcelo Sánchez-Villagra, Madeleine Geiger
  • Niche Construction, Epigenetics, and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis: uncovering the links between genes, development, form, function, ecology and evolution, and implications for Vertebrate Morphology – Rui Diogo, Virginia Abdala
  • Recent advances in chondrocranium research – Ingmar Werneburg
  • Natural selection and the evolution of phenotypic integration – Catalina I. Villamil – Patrick Arnold
  • The biomechanical adaptations of limb bones – Alexandra Houssaye, John Hutchinson
  • The evolution of skull form and function: finite-element solutions to infinite problems? – David Button, Laura Porro, Marc Jones, Jen Bright
  • Evodevo of the vertebrate mouth: an exploration of the relationships of oral organs – Abigail S. Tucker, Maria Hovorakova
  •  Developmental Morphology and Evolution of Amniote Eggs & Embryos – Daniel G. Blackburn, Matthias Starck, James R. Stewart
  • Evolution and morphological diversification of vertebrate appendages – Karen Crow, Igor Schneider
  • Educating the vertebrate morphologists of the 21st century: technology, pedagogy, and core concepts – Nicole Danos, Katie L. Staab, Lisa B. Whitenack, John Hutchinson
  • New insights into chiropteran evolution: fossil record, development, and function – Daisuke Koyabu, Laura A.B. Wilson
  • Holding on: the evolution of arboreality in tetrapods – Anne-Claire Fabre, Michael Granatosky, Dionisios Youlatos
  • Prehensile systems in vertebrates: form, function, and bio-inspired design – Dominique Adriaens, Anthony Herrel, Ian Walker
  • The axial skeleton: diversity, patterning and function  – Christine Böhmer, Emily Buchholtz
  • The Dog-human connection: evolution, morphology and behavior – Blaire Van Valkenburgh, Adam Miklosi, Greger Larson, Jeffrey T. Laitman, Timothy D. Smith
  • Skeletons in moving fluids – Pauline Provini, Kristen Crandell
  • Convergence and constraint in vertebrate skull evolution – Anjali Goswami, Michelle Stocker
  • Ecology, biomechanics and evolutionary constraints in vertebrate trait diversification – Brandon Kilbourne, Bárbara M.A. Costa, Daniela M. Rossoni
  • VIRTMORPH – Using Virtual Reality to Visualize and Analyze Vertebrate Morphology – Robert Cieri, Colleen G. Farmer
  • Evolution, Development, and Regulation of Ruminant Headgear – Katherine Brakora, Gertrud Rößner, Andrew Lee

Das könnte Dich auch interessieren …