The neck as bioinspiration for technical innovations

The neck is a biomechanical innovation that contributed to the diversification of vertebrates. A better understanding of the functional morphology of the neck can help to develop design principles for technical applications. The range of application is versatile and can concern constructional principles as well as material properties and behaviors. The present work illustrates how the neck of birds can be serve for bioinspired design.

My contribution is a chapter in the book edited by PD Dr. Ingmar Werneburg (Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment Tübingen) and Prof. Dr. Oliver Betz (Universität Tübingen) entitled: Phylogenie, Funktionsmorphologie und Bionik [Phylogeny, functional morphology and bionics].


Böhmer C (2019, in press). Der Hals als Bioinspiration für technische Innovationen [The neck as bioinspiration for technical innovations]. in Werneburg I and Betz O. Phylogenie, Funktionsmorphologie und Bionik. Texte zum 60. Phylogenetischen Symposium in Tübingen. xx pp, ISBN 978-3-947020-xx-x, Scidinge Hall Verlag Tübingen. [PDF].


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